Online Training Solutions

Would you like to educate your teams, clients or prospects online? There are many solutions available and we can guide you to the best option for your needs.

Online Webinars allow company to save money by allowing their target audience to follow a presentation in real time from anywhere in the world. Our wide list of services provides a one stop shop for  services, like:

  • Online Training;
  • Online Classes;
  • Product Launch;
  • Interactive Workshops.

Podcasts are an easy way to broadcast information on a regular basic. They can be distributed from various directories, like iTunes, and made available for various types of devices.

  • Weekly Shows;
  • Reports;
  • Interviews;
  • Reviews;

An image is worth a thousand words, right? Definitely when you try to educate people on software or guide them through a presentation. This is a great option for people who don’t like being on camera.

  • Online Training;
  • Slideshows;
  • Portfolios;
  • Powerpoint Walkthrough;

Imagine having a sales person ready to do a sales presentation anytime a new prospect is ready…

Evergreen Webinars are the answer. They allow you to simulate a live webinar for the exact moment when your new lead is ready!

  • Sales presentations;
  • Product Launches;
  • Online Training;
  • On Schedule!

Teleseminars have been a very useful tool for remote teams to get current with company news. It is also a great tool to educate clients and new leads. Attendees are using a phone to listen in and can follow using a printed or electronic document or from a website.

  • News update;
  • Training;
  • Seminars
  • and many others!

An Online Portal is a website dedicated to a specific group of people. Most of them are private and require a membership.

This is a great tool to make online training modules available for member to watch at their own time.

  • Paid Membership
  • Multi-Level Members
  • Timed Delivery;
  • Auto-Renewals;