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Private Membership Portals allows companies to share content with specific employees or clients. It is a great solution for membership sites where clients pay a for premium content. We have various solutions available based on your needs.

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  • Mix of free and paid content;
  • Combination of Visitors and Members;
  • Multiple levels (ex: silver, gold, etc.)


Portals can have a mix of free content for basic members or visitors and a private section for paying customers. Multiple levels can also created, like bronze, silver and gold levels which would have access to different content based on membership or package purchased.

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Would you like to capture information on your website? We have tools to generate online surveys, online forms to capture reservations, feedback, requests, etc. We can integrate this with online payment solutions and mailing solutions.

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  • Online surveys;
  • Online order forms;
  • Online reservations;
  • Feedback forms;
  • Requests forms;
  • Upload forms;


Most of our solutions can easily be modified by the clients when the needs change, without the requirement for a programer to be involved! Forms can be set to notify multiple users by email with complete details from online form.

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Need to sell products or services? Wether it’s a single item or a large catalog for multiple items, we can integrate the perfect shopping cart solution adapted to your needs and your merchant account provider.

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  • Shopping carts;
  • Merchant accounts;
  • Paypal shortcodes;
  • Affiliate programs;
  • and much more!


We can help you select the best solution, merchant account provider and workflow.

From a single item on a page to a complete shopping experience, we have the resources to make your site a success.

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We offer a wide range of Online Business Solutions to suit business needs. Our custom Web Solutions will automate your business from A to Z!