Sometimes it takes a rant to drive a point home!

There seems to be a nearly-continuous stream of headlines in the news exposing yet another major organization, city, county, or regular user falling victim to a cyberattack. Meanwhile, cybersecurity remains one of the most misunderstood requirements of today’s business environment.

Cyber Rants was written for all those looking to implement a cybersecurity program, improve their current program, or simply learn what is involved in protecting the organization and people they serve. Regardless of your technical background or lack thereof, Cyber Rants will take you through a highly productive journey deep into the important topics that most in the industry only gloss over.

Cyber Rants will expose it like it is!

The first fact is, cyber criminals are winning! There is no way to sugarcoat it. Companies lose billions of dollars every year to cyber criminals and people of all levels in the corporate hierarchy are being fired after cyber-attacks. This is causing a cascade of resources to be depleted throughout our economy. Only awareness, education, and action, your action, will turn the tides.

While building an effective cybersecurity posture may seem daunting at first, the fundamentals and implementation guidance in this book will provide you with clarity for making informed decisions.

Cyber Rants is written in a way that benefits both technical and non-technical organizational leaders and decision makers. This guide is designed to help you speak the language of cybersecurity, regardless of your background. Use it first as a course to gain a foundational understanding of organizational cybersecurity. Then use it as a desk reference to support the security, longevity, and credibility of your organization.

This book provides industry insight, and highlights what is important and what is not. It also reveal ways to build a security program, and documents real-world examples. For those who want to do more than dip their toe in the water, they’ll enjoy advanced topics like penetration testing, compliance, and what the industry won’t tell about products and services. Don’t worry, none of the information requires you to have a PhD from MIT, just a decent attitude and desire to learn.

The authors, Rotondo, Chavez and Fuller, bring over 50 years of combined cybersecurity and IT experience. They have advised and supported U.S.-based companies and government agencies with 30 to 300,000 employees, ranging from startups to banks and healthcare companies, all the way to the United States Army and NASA. They are the founding partners of Silent Sector, an Arizona-based Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity® services firm serving clients nationwide. Learn more at