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“With Eric’s expertise, I was able to reach #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon with not one, but two of my books. He has been an amazing support for me on so many levels. Eric is an expert in his field, as well as having the patience to help those of us who are not so expert and find the whole publishing and marketing adventure daunting.”
Judith Onley

Channeller - Best-Selling Author of "Your Mastery" and "Messages of Hope From "US"

“Not only is Eric an expert in his field, he is also a warm and caring person and I always feel he has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend him.”
Marisa Ferrera

Best-Selling Author of "Magnify Your Magnificence"

“Thank you to Eric D. Groleau for the beautiful design and cover of my book. Thank you too, for all the website work and dedication to making my dream come true. You are quite talented, and an absolute joy to work with.”
Rob Regish

Best-Selling Author of "Fast Muscle Building"

“He is not only very talented at what he does; but most of all – Eric is incredibly kind and
that’s why it’s an absolute joy to work with him. He always listens; is open to others’
ideas and then comes up with even better suggestions, which have easily swayed me to
his side – because his suggestions always make more sense.”
Leora Bach

Best-Selling Author of "Ace Your C-Suite Interview"

We can help your book reach the top of Amazon charts.
Full Promotion Service
  • Review Amazon Accounts
  • Category Research
  • Communicate with Amazon for Category Requests
  • Preparation of four marketing Messages for your contacts and social media accounts (Upcoming, Tomorrow, Today, Thank You)
  • Creation of two 3D Mockups of the Book (Front and back view in PNG format.)
  • Creation of Images for Social Media (4 images ready for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn in JPG format.)
  • Promotion to Private Network of Book Buyer
  • Facebook Promotion to our custom audience
  • Best-Seller Day Monitoring
  • Capture Rankings, “Hot New Release” and “Ribbons” (when available.)
  • Update Jacket (Cover & Back) and 3D Mockup with Best-Seller Badge or Award.
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“I am so grateful to have discovered Eric and all the great services he provides. He is a wealth of information on all things web, security and marketing related. As a true entrepreneur, one of Eric’s greatest talents is brainstorming ideas that have helped me stand out and get noticed in my profession. Would I recommend Eric? Absolutely! Highly!”
Kiernan Antares

Artist, Poet & Writer. Author of "Phoenix Star"