Who we are

Strategic Edge Innovations is a  team of experienced web marketers with a passion for helping businesses expand their markets with creative online strategies. The team is lead by it’s founder, Eric Groleau.

EG_SEI_3Eric Groleau, CEO

Eric Groleau gave his first computer presentation at the age of 13. At 16 he was a consultant for companies that needed help with their accounting systems. Starting his first business at 18, he quickly learned what it takes to be successful.

After achieving success in public relations firm and working with various companies such as Radio ShackNortel,Lotus & IBM, he has now chosen to focus his efforts on helping businesses reach wider audiences using online marketing and social media.

Eric spoke at various seminars in Canada and the United States; he wrote articles for international magazines and helped authors publish books. He is a certified instructor for a leadership and public speaking course and enjoys giving back by teaching the concepts that transformed his life and explaining how to build businesses online.